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Project Synopsis

Cheers to a Website Success

As London's leading party & tent rental supplier, A&B Party & Tent Rental is always looking to push the envelope in the industry. Realizing that there has been an increasing amount of mobile and tablet users visiting their website, it was time to evolve.

In the process of redesigning A&B's new website, we overhauled their website structure and quoting system, while creating a search engine optimized and responsive website. Shortly after launching the website, we realized it didn't perform the way we expected, leads had actually declined, despite using a best-practice check-out process.

We didn't panic.. Okay maybe we did a bit, but we acted quickly and came up with a list of hypotheses as to what was causing the drop in performance.

We reviewed historical website data, used third-party softwares to observe how users were behaving on the website and implemented a series of Conversion Rate Optimization tests to enhance the user's shopping experience. After rigorous testing, we not only recovered from our previous decline, we actually surpassed even their original goals by doubling their conversions.

Celebration Time!

Because We Have Lots to Cheer For

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    Over 185% Increase in Daily Online Conversions

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    Significant lead increase for desktop, mobile & tablet users

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Our previous website was already one of the best in the industry, ATMOS was able to take our website and digital marketing efforts to the next level. We have seen an increase in online quotes and inquiries, more importantly, we have seen a significant increase from mobile/tablet leads and mobile phone calls.

Phil de Lange, 3rd Generation

Website Design

Conquering Technology and Website Engagement

In order to increase engagement on the website, we optimized the funnel and built the website to be mobile responsive. Overall this increased conversion rates significantly, especially with mobile users.

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Website Screen-shot

Before & After

  • Online Quotes/Day

    Before 3.1
    After 8.9
  • Conversion Rate

    Before 2.5%
    After 7.1%
  • Mobile/Tablet Conversions

    Before <1/Day
    After 4+/Day
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