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A Triumphant Challenge in Student Housing

Evo Montreal approached us with a big challenge; With only 30 days left before the school year starting, they had plenty of rooms left to fill in their downtown Montreal student housing.

We knew it would take some extreme hustle to move through strategy and into implementation with such short notice, but we took it on, and the results were astounding.

The goal was simple; generate as many leads as possible for potential student residents.

We started by driving extremely targeted traffic to a lead-generating sweepstake for the first two weeks. While this was running we built a microsite that was focused on generating higher-interest leads, for more serious inquiries.

Over the last two weeks, we promoted the microsite through a bilingual ad campaign using a wide variety of ad platforms and mediums. Everything from search marketing, to display advertisements and kijiji postings.


a.k.a. What Really Matters

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    Over 1500 Leads Generated in Less Than 30 Days

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    Website Conversion Rate of Nearly 10%

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    60% Drop in Cost Per Conversion Compared to Previous Campaign

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A Microsite With Macro Results

Since we were on such a tight timeframe and working with several different vendors we decided to build a microsite. This way we could have full control over the design, messaging, conversion rate testing, and analytical tracking. The results were exactly what we were looking for; a huge increase in their lead generation rate.

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