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Project Synopsis

Secure Marketing for a Secure Company

Delego Software offers solutions for securely integrating an enterprise's payment system with their SAP software.

Their industry is hyper niche, extremely technical, and very competitive, making for a great marketing challenge - something we live for. Since their target market is extremely limited and hard to reach, we knew that having a strong brand and web presence would be a key component to their success.

After a brand enhancement, we updated all of their sales material and designed them a custom website that would help generate more leads and brand awareness.

The website features a mobile-responsive design with full HubSpot integration, search-engine optimization, and advanced analytics tracking.

Brand Enhancement

The first thing we tackled with Delego was their branding. They had just completed a logo redesign, but we wanted to solidify exactly what it was that made Delego stand out to it's clients.

Brand Enhancement

We are proud to call ATMOS our digital marketing partner. They did a great job designing our new website and enhancing our brand. They have since helped us to develop and implement a digital strategy that positively impacts our global business objectives.

Larry Chevalier, CEO

Website Design

HubSpot Integration + Lead Generation = Win

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